Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs, Troubleshooting, Installation Guide on Yoosee App/Cameras

Yoosee App FAQ

  • Our WiFi cameras don't support 5GHz WiFi.
  • The WiFi SSID should not contain special characters.
  • WiFi password must be correct.
  • DHCP function should be enabled on the router.
  • Your router connects with too many network devices.
WiFi cameras can support maximum 5 online users, users need to use an unique account to access the camera simultaneously, two users can't use one account to access the camera at the same time.
Due to the IOS system restriction, users can't block receiving alarm message.
  • rtsp://IPadr:554/onvif1
  • Main stream rtsp://IPadr:554/onvif1
  • Sub-stream rtsp://IPadr:554/onvif2
ONVIF port: 5000; Device discovery port: 3702
Users can use the CMSClient software to convert the recorded .av file to MP4 format. On [Playback] window, you can find this function.

Products - FAQ

  • After inserting the TF card/reboot: TF card storage size is lower than 800M, will not record.
  • The camera is recording: storage size left approximate 400M, begin to erase the oldest video footage.
The WiFi camera's maximum emission power is 14dbm, equals to 25mw.
To work with the WiFi cameras, the wireless security sensors need to meet some specification requirement including: 433MHz, Oscillator resistor value 430K (or other value).
If set to 3 minutes, it means when alarm is triggered, it will continue recording 3 minute length video. If alarm has been triggered several times continuously, after the last alarm it will continue recording 3 minute length video.
You can create WifiInfo.ini file in TF card, the file should include the WiFi information, the format as below:
WifiName: GW_12M_2.4G
Password: 29088360